I'll keep this simple. And, because I'm an academic and we share our work life in this way, you are invited to simply read my c.v. (curriculum vitae, or résumé). Or skim; it's long and detailed, and you probably want the short version. It looks like this: I live and work in 2 distinct ecologies, film, and academia. In the clearly-articulated and liminal spaces of my personal and professional life, my primary goal is to support creative vision. 

I entertain the shiny hope that my rhetorical training and experience invite me to thrive in this indeterminate experience of professional identity. Daily compositional practices offer productive assurances.

Guided by rhetorical principles dating to antiquity (but working most frequently with contemporary rhetorical theories), I have been teaching academic, creative, interdisciplinary, and multimodal composing skills since 1992. The rise of a formalized version of what I and many of my colleagues have been teaching and doing for many years is now materializing within national discourses on Digital Humanities and Multimodal Composition, and I delight in the ongoing discoveries regarding text production, consumption, circulation, reproduction, remix, power, and play. 

Most of my interests converge in my current work as an aspiring minimalist, digital filmmaker, teacher, and volunteer.