These 6 films and their contextualizing webtexts.* These works* represent my scholarly productivity from the period beginning in 2008 to the present. The work spans farther back in time, beginning with 2003 ideation for my first unpublished film, proposition 1984, which i created in radical DIY fashion (with help from the amazing Joshua Ligairi) and screened at various national and regional conferences and symposia (see c.v.). From within the media ecologies that have afforded me potential to play, compose, and produce films, I have also been writing my book, Cruel Auteurism: Affective Digital Mediations Toward Film-Composition, an ethnographic report on the emergence of Film-Composition, an area of scholarly activity within the field of Rhetoric and Composition. The book joyfully (i hope) and more generally highlights a ubiquitous embrace of cinematic rhetorics for pedagogy, and as text of the everyday. 


* (along with 3 unpublished films and several shorts) 

* as a shortcut, my 3 most recent films (only) are viewable at my vimeo channel.